Start Trade-In With Paragon Automotive

Fair Market Value: Wondering how much your current vehicle is worth? At Paragon Automotive, we provide fair and competitive market values for your trade-in. Our team of experts uses industry-leading tools to assess your vehicle’s condition and determine its true value.

Wide Range of Vehicles Accepted: Whether you’re trading in a sedan, SUV, truck, or something in between, we accept various vehicles. Our goal is to make the trade-in process accessible to all customers, regardless of the make or model of their current vehicle.

Simplify Your Upgrade: Trading in your car with us means you can seamlessly transition to a new or certified pre-owned vehicle from our extensive inventory. Enjoy the ease of upgrading without the hassle of selling your car privately.

Transparent Appraisal Process: Our team believes in transparency. During the appraisal process, we’ll walk you through the evaluation of your vehicle, explaining how we arrived at the trade-in value. You can trust that our assessment is fair and based on market conditions.

Maximize Your Savings: Trading in your vehicle at Paragon Automotive not only simplifies the buying process but also offers potential savings on taxes. In many cases, the trade-in value can be used to offset the purchase price of your new vehicle, resulting in a reduced tax liability.

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Whatever your reason for selling your vehicle, we’re here to assist you in getting the best price in Virginia Beach.

Get the greatest price for your used car by trading it in at our used car dealership in Virginia Beach, VA. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about financing and trade-in prices for all makes and models!

You may trade in your car and get a great deal on a new one at Paragon Automotive. It’s a good opportunity to switch to a newer, more secure model right now. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is!